grow your own ingredients

Maybe you are fed up

  • Buying one of those sad little packets of herbs when wanting to cook your favourite dish.
  • Or maybe you just want to see your own delicous ingredients getting bigger day by day.
  • And having them ready & available ‘on-tap’ when you want to use them.


How to grow your own ingredients at home

Growing your own ingredients at home is easy, enjoyable and will save you money.

In addition you will be able to grow ingredients that are not easily found in many supermarkets – for example if you want to cook Gachas Manchegas, Kapucijners or Crosne.


Hydroponics or Aquaponics ?

There are many ways to grow your ingredients.

If you have lots of space then the ‘tried & tested’ way of growing them in soil will work.

But the advantage of hydroponics & aquaponics is that it’s often easier, with faster results & better yields.

For more information just follow the links or have a look at the most popular ideas, products & plans below.